I do love me some Strawberry Tomatoes!

Today, my sous-chef, Sarah, and I visited Houweling’s Tomatoes Greenhouses/Farm in Camarillo, California. CEO and owner, Casey Houweling, his daughter Monica, and their marketing strategist John, gave us the grand tour of their massive greenhouses (totaling 125 acres) which are energy efficient (solar power used, recycling water, energy, etc.) and produce the equivalent of what a 3,000 acre farm would. Highlights of the tour?  Seeing their massive solar power panels that produce a whopping ONE megawatt of power (that would make a lot of Lattes!), learning how they recycle, purify, and reclaim all their water, meeting some of the 400+ employees of this family owned company, and of course eating strawberry and grape tomatoes right off the vine!

Please enjoy some photos from our tour. Now, who’s up for a tomato, cucumber, avocado salad with a balsamic vinaigrette? Yes, please!









One thought on “I do love me some Strawberry Tomatoes!

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