Facebook: ChefNathanLyon

Twitter: ChefNathanLyon

4 Responses to Contact

  1. beWARM. says:

    Too bad you didn’t get to Abby’s Table in Portland! Such delicious and healthy food, and fun atmosphere, too. Hopefully on your next trip….

  2. dougashley56 says:

    Wow! I make duxelle for Wellington, and what an addition this would be, as well as a fantastic time saver for a superior quality dish!

    • dougashley56 says:

      Follow Chef Nathan Lyon and what he is up to! Not only is he the top source for inspiration, he makes the Food Industry SHINE, because of his expertise; and the information he provides is OUTSTANDING! His personality is so contagious, YOU WILL LOVE THE FOOD in the same way that HE does!

  3. dougashley56 says:

    This is a nice photo; can we add some white flowering kale to kick it up a notch?

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